Me at Grefsenkollen in my hometown

The sun

he went outdoor
just stood by the door
the sun was rising
the horizon went bright red

he always thought this sun was special
was just standing there watching
as the sun came higher in the sky

he sat down
started to talk to her
he said things he never had
to a sun

the hours went along
and they just kept on talking
he started to get feelings for the sun
in a way he seldom did

suddenly the day was gone
and the sun started to sett
the sky changed from bright to dark red

the sun went behind the horizon
andhe knew he never would
see her again

he went inside
regreteted that he did not ask
if they could meet again

he tried to reach her
as knew he never would
meet a sun like her again


Einar Herstad-Hansen © 2002 - 2019